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Reading the Times with Ms. Mobley

Hi Summer Readers!
Did you catch Ms. Mobley's comment on June 6 in the Vanishing Wetlands post? IT seems that the students are not the only ones learning new things at Book It! this summer. Here is what she said:

This Reading Camp is SOOOOO cool, fun and I am truly enjoying myself, while learning something new about Wetlands and Teaching Reading! I never had an opinion, nor a thought about Wetlands and the Everglades. But, the learning experiences here have surely developed an interest. As a matter of fact, I opened up the St. Pete. Times this morning and my attention was drawn to the article about the everglades on the front page. I am now growing curiosities about the importance of preserving them and interested in following the action or lack of action that the politicians have taken. Your responses indicate that you too have been enjoying learning about the Wetlands. What else about this topic do you want to learn more about this summer?

Like Ms. Mobley, I noticed a lot of articles in the June 6 Times about the environment. If you still have a few copies in your classroom, see how many articles you can find in the entire paper that have to do with our environment, clip them out and start a file for future use. The Times will give a prize to the student or small group that can list the most articles on environmental concerns. Submit your headlines to this post by clicking on the comment bar. BE sure to give your name and teacher's name so we can find you!
Good luck!

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