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The right soil ...



... can make all the difference

The students at Perkins Elementary have learned that in order to have a good garden, you have to start with a raised bed and fill it with a good soil mix.  The right soil makes all the difference.  When teacher Ms. Weller was a little girl she believed that if she took her watermelon seeds and planted them in the backyard she would grow a field of watermelons. The only problem was that she didn’t know about the right growing conditions.

Good soil, constant watering, and sunlight are what’s needed to grow a field of watermelons. Ms. Weller says, "When we started last year’s garden I was anxious. Here I am getting kids excited about growing plants and I had never had a garden myself.  What if?  What if nothing grows?  What if a little bit grows and other things don’t? What if there is an invasion of pests? Will the kids be let down? Will I have spent money on something that doesn’t produce? 

"Well I followed the instructions for square foot gardening to the T.  We prepared that perfect soil, in a sunny spot and watered our seeds and seedlings regularly. What an amazing concept, the right environment yielded an amazing amount of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots and broccoli.

"It got me to thinking about kids. They need the right environment to grow.  They need the perfect soil, caretakers and plenty of sunshine to become the amazing people they were designed to be.  Are we giving them the best soil to grow in?"

Parents:  What things can you do to create the right environment for your children to grow in?

Children: What things can you do to preserve that environment?

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