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Saving Winter Part 2



Winter's tale: Saving Winter


In this section of the story, John Barry writes, "David Yates had a role in mind for Winter. He understood that dolphins have a special relationship with humans. People bestow dolphins with human traits and feelings — a sense of humor, a mourning instinct, even empathy. Dolphins have been mythologically bonded to man since the Greeks. But the aquarium's wildlife mission didn't apply only to dolphins. It applied equally to its captured sea turtles, many of which had been maimed by monofilament fishing line, or other deadly litter. The point was to show the carnage. Let people see the price of human carelessness."

What are your thoughts about using Winter for this educational purpose? Do you think people could learn to be more careful with their fishing gear and trash after hearing Winter's story? After reading about Winter, what would you tell people who litter?

Can you find other stories in the St. Petersburg Times showing the carelessness of humans? Share the stories you find here.

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