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Sleeping later



Changing high school to later times

Have you ever been so tired that it isn't until your second or third class that you are awake enough to actually learn something? Read the quote below to see what Cheyenne at Largo High School thinks. Here are her thoughts:

What about starting high school later in the day?  Yes, we would get out later but at least we would be a little more rested so we can concentrate better. Do you agree or disagree? Do you think that the school day ending around 1:30-2:00 p.m. gives you more opportunities to participate in activities after school such as employment, sports or clubs?  Being the ages of 14-18, we are mature enough to understand that if we start early in the day then we have to go to bed earlier too.

Now that Cheyenne has shared her thoughts, it is time for you to share yours. Do you think high school students should begin school later in the morning, or do you prefer the schedule the way it is?

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