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Howard blake

Howard Blake

Being a team player

“Not all are blessed with great ability, but with teamwork and perseverance, all can accomplish great things.”               
- M.D. Boyer

College athlete and high school coach Howard Blake was a Tampa native who believed that good sportsmanship and teamwork play an important role in the development of young people for effective citizenship.

What makes a good teammate? Who would you rather have on your team? A person that is a good sport or the person that is just good at the sport? Being a good “sport” is defined as someone who is characterized by his observance of the rules of fair play, or by his or her ability to get along with others. Someone that is good at the sport may be able to win the game, but he or she may not always be cooperative.

Cooperation is defined as getting along with others and working together to accomplish a goal. This character trait can be found on a playing field or even in a classroom within a group of kids working on a science project. Share a time when you were on a team or in a group and you were showed good sportsmanship. You may not have been the winner, but how did it feel knowing you cooperated with others as a group and you played with honor? Read these inspirational articles of sportsmanship and share your reactions.

"Fading Sports Ideals Get a Lift"
"A Shooter’s Touch of Sportsmanship"

What would you do in the following situation?
Sue and Sam arrived at the kickball field at the same time. Both volunteer to be the pitcher.
Dilemma: On the one hand, Sue and Sam knew only one of them could be the pitcher. On the other hand, neither one wanted to play another position. How could they cooperate to solve this situation?

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