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Substance abuse



Deadly addictions

Drug abuse, especially prescription drug abuse, has been in appearing in the news more and more.
Read the special report on "Deadly Combinations" on and look through the St. Petersburg Times for stories about prescription or other illegal drug use and abuse. How did this drug affect the quality of life for its user? What kind of future does the user have? Has the use of the drug affected others? Can things be turned around for the better?

Have you had any personal experiences with drug abuse? Do you know people who abuse prescription drugs, or go to pharm parties? What are your thoughts about this topic? What are the dangers of abusing drugs? What message would you send to young people to warn them about the dangers? What actions can adults and teens take to stop the abuse of drugs?

If you have questions or comments for Christopher Tisch, author of the multi-part series, blog here.

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