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Burning issues


     When you think of weather, you may not immediately think of wildfires. However, wildfires are considered a weather hazard. In 2007, wildfires across Florida burned more than 436,000 acres of state lands and 200,000 acres of federal property. With more than 4,200 wildfires across the state, 2007 was the most active wildfire season the state has seen since 2001. The biggest reason for the wildfire activity in 2007 was the lack of hurricanes in 2006. Although tropical storms and hurricanes bring a lot of destruction and damage to the state, they also are the main source of rainfall for Florida during the summer and fall months of the year.

     An ecosystem is a living community of plants and animals that need each other to exist. Why would a wildfire or a prescribed burn be a positive thing for an ecosystem? Why would a wildfire be negative? Look for articles about wildfires in the St. Petersburg Times. Share the information you find as well as your thoughts here at the NBZ.

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