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Zoo Story Part 3: IMPERFECT LOVE



Herman, king of the chimpanzees at Lowry Park Zoo, has not always lived among his own kind. When he was just a baby, Ed Schultz, an American working in Liberia at the time, found him on sale inside an orange crate and bought him for $25. Ed named the chimp Herman and took him home to his wife Elizabeth and their kids Roger and Sandy. They gave Herman milk from a bottle, taught him to wear a diaper and to eat his fruit at the dinner table. The family adored and pampered him, not having any idea all the ways their love would change him.

What are your thoughts on wild animals being kept as pets in people’s homes? What do you think Herman’s life would have been like if Ed Schultz had not purchased him? If a family you knew were considering bringing a wild animal into their home, what advice would you give them? Click on the COMMENTS blink below to share your views.

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