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Middle school violence

Unfortunately, school violence has been increasing recently, especially in St. Petersburg. The article "Police break up brawls at Azalea Middle School, arrest 11 students" is in today's Times. As a part of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs, the Spotlight Project for our American Graduate initiative, WEDU/WUSF have been working with John Hopkins Middle School in Pinellas County. The students there created this great video piece on violence at their school. The video is featured on the PBS NewsHour. Check out "Fighting Chance? Students Investigate Middle School Violence" and share your thoughts. How are things going at your schools? What tips can you offer other teachers?

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Technology in the classroom

The Education Week Blog, hosted by notes asks how often you use technology in the classroom.

"Giving students a personalized learning experience can be crucial to improving education, and the use of technology can make it easier and less time-consuming for teachers to accomplish this. Students learn best in different ways and technology can give them an opportunity to access information in the way that best suits them—through text, video, or hands-on learning, for example. Automated data collection can also help teachers gather information about how students learn and then they can adjust their teaching based on that data to address students’ strengths and weaknesses."

Do you use technology in your classroom? Are you having the students read the digital edition of the Tampa Bay Times in class, or are you assigning it for homework? If not, why? We want to know your thoughts. Share them here on the NBZ.

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