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Law targeted after shooting death

Are your students talking about Travon Martin and the Stand your Ground Law? In addition to the news coverage in, there has been a lot of national and international attention about this case. Check out the downloadable lessons in Cartoons for the Classroom: Law targeted after shooting death on our NIE website. Give us your feedback.

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'Bully' film sparks national dialogue

'Bully' film sparks national dialogue with in-your-face reality of harmed students and families: A hard-hitting movie that just reached theaters shows daily school bullying in all its vivid meanness. Cruel behavior fills Bully, a documentary (nonfiction film) that shows the impact on five tormented students and their families in Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma during the 2009-10 school year. Check out our lessons in the Front Page Talking Points section of our website. Let us know your thoughts about the movie, lessons and topic here on the NIE Blogging Zone

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