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Add to those talking contraction



We told you this was going to be an ongoing story line all season, and writer Mike Ozanian is the latest to suggest  that the Rays franchise will be contracted by MLB. Not only that, but he likes the idea.

In a short blog post, Ozanian writes:

"Groundswell building in Major League Baseball to dump the Tampa Bay Rays. From what I am hearing, I doubt there will be any baseball at Tropicana Field after 2014 even though the team’s lease runs to 2027."

He also goes on to say that "the harsh reality is the Rays still have no fan support," that "it is getting impossible for the Rays to ink great talent," and cites how Rays Evan Longoria and David Price criticzed attendance last season and that Carl Crawford "bolted" for the Red Sox.

Futher, Ozanian writes: "High-revenue team owners tell me the Rays are a dead brand commercially that needs to be pulled from life support. I could not agree more."

What he fails to address, of course, is how unlikely it is MLB would go through with such a plan, and how strongly the players union would fight it, as director Michael Wiener has told us and others several times this spring.



[Last modified: Thursday, May 5, 2011 12:17am]


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