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And now, Carl Crawford diarist



Former Rays LF Carl Crawford has acknowledged that things are a little different since he signed with the Red Sox, and apparently Crawford has changed a bit too.

For example, Crawford is now going to write a diary during the season for

The first installment went up Thursday, and he touches, briefly, on the experience of playing against the Rays this spring, and the reception he got in Port Charlotte.

We've played Tampa a few times this spring training and it's been cool to be able to see my old friends over there. I get to say “hi” to everybody. I get to see how they're going to do things against me, so that's good too. I already have an idea how they're going to play me this year and the season hasn't even started. I did get booed when we played them there. I figured I was going to get a few of those. I got a few boos. I also got a few, "I hope you go see Dr. Andrews this year." I was expecting it.

Crawford also addressed some of the differences in being with the Sox instead of the Rays.

There is a lot more media here. I'm just trying to understand everything that is going on here. With all the media, I'm adjusting. It's a day to day battle, but at some point I figure I'll get used to it. You have to embrace it. Everybody on this team has been great when I have a question. I ask a lot of questions. Pretty much all the guys if I have a question for them, I feel free to go up to them and ask. They've been real helpful with little things. It was a little chaotic the first couple of days being in a new camp but I just had to get used to it. It's better now.



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