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Hoodie update: MLB says Maddon can wear it



MLB has "re-interpreted" its ruling and Rays manager Joe Maddon is now allowed to wear his favored hoodie sweatshirt again.

"Hoodie-gate is over,'' Maddon said. "I received a call today that cooler heads have prevailed and I'm now able to wear the hoodie anytime I would like.  ... There was a misinterpretation originally and now it has been re-interpreted. I'm just happy to say on behalf of all the hoodie wearers everywhere that MLB is back in line with that subculture that I really, truly can identify with.''

 Maddon joked that there was going to be a "hoodie-burning day," and pointed out that he still hoped to get an autographed hoodie from colleague-in-hood Bill Belichick of the Patriots, but truly was pleased MLB came to its senses: "It feels great actually, it really does. ... It's good I think for all thr youth throughout the United States that are really glomming on to Major League Baseball for the first time; I'm sure the hoodie is their favorite piece of clothing as well as well as the baseball hat. I think it's a good thing.''

Maddon plans to wear the hoodie tonight - on display until it gets too cold and he has to don his jacket anyway - to show his pleasure with the revised ruling, based on the fact that the hoodie is a licensed product as well. When word of the ban first came down on Friday, it was said that only a specific pullover and jacket were approved for dugout wear by managers and coaches.

"It's so nice that I can wear it without any kind of conerns that it may result in some form of punishment,'' Maddon said. "I'm goign to attempt to go as long as I can in the game with exposed hoodie.''







[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 12:15am]


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