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Maddon says Upton ball was error; Kotchman ball changed to hit



UPDATE, 6:10: Official scorer Bill Mathews said there will be a scoring change from Friday's game, but it won't be on the Upton play, which he remains resolute about. Instead a seventh inning error called on M's 3B Adam Kennedy will be changed to a hit for Rays 1B Casey Kotchman.

DEVELOPING: Rays manager Joe Maddon said there was no question in his mind B.J Upton's fifth-inning ground ball should have been scored an error and not the first hit off Seattle's Felix Hernandez in Friday's game.

But official scorer Bill Mathews had ruled it a hit, and had it been the only hit of the night there would have been a major issue. "That would have been controversial,'' Maddon said. "Until we got the second hit I was thinking, man, this could get weird. It was hit pretty good, but it was like a step to his left it wasn't outrageous.'' 

 The Rays ended up getting five hits in the eighth.

Maddon said it might be a good idea for MLB to standardize scorekeeping so that it can be "more professionally controlled" and eliminate the perception of homefield favoritism - or in some cases the opposite. "Part of it is you're dealing with egos ... there's some people that are like, well, by God, I made that call and it's going to stand that way regardless of what you think,'' Maddon said. "And they're not going to be very objective or open to suggestions otherwise. I think if it was more professionally oriented or done these people would be more accountable to keeping it open and maybe things could be reviewed more readily or easily by maybe these little panel of scorekeeepers throughout baseball. They'd just be trying to get it right, it takes that hometown cooking away. Some cities are home cooking some will work just the opposite.'' 




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