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Maddon: Ump Joe West "inappropriate" in quick trip to mound



UPDATE, 7:33: Joe West's reaction to Maddon's comments? Not much. He listened when the comments were relayed to him before Wednesday's game, and said if anything Maddon was to blame by stalling before coming out as Grant Balfour was warming up.

"My job is to keep the game moving, his job is that he's got to get his relief pitcher ready,'' West said. "He waited for that reason, and I'm sure that's why he took so long to go to the mound. He's got his job to do and I've got mine to do. That's okay if he thought I rushed him.''

As for Maddon's point about wanting to talk to Price privately? West laughed then said, "Eavesdropping? That's okay. ... "

West said the overall issue wasn't a big deal, and reiterated: "Our job is to keep the game moving. They were slowing down the game for a reason and the reason probably was that the guy probably wasn't ready yet. I don't have a problem with what he did and in fact everyone knows why he did it.''

At 2:22, it was the Rays' quickest game of the season.

DEVELOPING: Veteran umpire Joe West’s views on wanting to speed up the game are well known.

But Rays manager Joe Maddon said West’s actions were “inappropriate” when he went too far too fast on Tuesday, essentially meeting Maddon on the mound Tuesday during his sixth inning trip to remove David Price from the game. And Maddon told him so.

“I didn’t like it,’’ Maddon said. "And you can write that, “I didn’t like that.” It’s not the way it should be. It has nothing to do with pace of the game.’’

Further, Maddon said: “That’s inappropriate. A manager should be able to go out to the mound, talk to his pitcher and then you make the exchange without the umpire being privy to the conversation. When a manager really wants, he’ll wait for an umpire to get out there when you really want to say something to him. But that was just a little bit inappropriate I thought.’’

Maddon said he wanted to talk to Price before taking him out.

“I was definitely taking him out but I didn’t like the idea of being shadowed so quickly,’’ Maddon said. “The bad part is that I’m going through this exchange with David coming out of the game and it’s not good because David shouldn’t be subject to all that. He really shouldn’t. That should be between David and I, I get it done and then the umpire comes out and then I say I want the next pitcher. But I wanted to make my point and I thought I did.’’


[Last modified: Friday, May 21, 2010 12:15am]


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