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More on ejections, from the umpires

Quotes from crew chief Tim Tschida on home plate umpire Bob Davidson’s ejection of Carl Crawford and Joe Maddon in the bottom of the fifth inning Tuesday night, as made to a pool reporter:

Q: Describe the incident from the crew’s perspective:
Tim: “Carl didn’t’ like the strike call and made his point. And they were hammering it back and forth, but Carl gradually starting
moving closer to the umpire. And Bob’s line was, ‘now you’re coming into my space here, back off.’ And when he said ‘back off,’ he
(Crawford) actually moved closer. That’s why Carl was ejected from the game.
“I’m sure Joe just backed his player and followed as far as that goes, there wasn’t any cussing going on. Believe it or not, as animated
as it looked from a distance, there were no insults or things that couldn’t be forgotten. That type of stuff. It was all heat of the moment.
Some of those things just happen in baseball.”

Q: Why was Joe Maddon ejected so quickly?
Tim (after briefly consulting with Davidson). “Joe’s immediate response was, ‘you’re calling stuff off the plate on our guys.’ And
he’s arguing balls and strikes. When a manager leaves his position in the dugout to argue a ball-strike decision, it’s immediate. So,
again, it wasn’t anything personal. It wasn’t anything insulting. It’s not uncommon when a manager gets there in a ball-strike situation
for him to take up the argument. They know they’re not supposed to. They know what the consequences are.”

Q: What is the crew’s reaction the claim by some of the Rays that the strike zone was wide?

Tim: “We don’t have anything to look at right now. We’re evaluated on that ZE system, so we’ll find out soon enough.”


Also, here are some additional quotes from Maddon and Crawford:

(On being thrown out)
“Just a wide strike zone all night long. When Gabe Kapler starts to complain then I really have to pay attention. So when Gabe was
disgruntled about the call away, then I was getting a little bit more into it. And Carl, when he turns on an umpire, there’s definitely got
to be something going on. So when I went out there, I was just arguing in defense of our hitters.”

(On the Red Sox taking advantage of the strike zone)
“You got to make adjustments. They were taking advantage of it. Lester kept throwing to those spots and Varitek kept catching the
ball well in those spots so they kept getting those pitches and that’s the way it works sometimes. That’s bully for them because they
took advantage of it.”

(On being tossed so quickly)
“I was really kind of upset with that because Bob (Davidson) is a pretty good guy and he normally takes a nice little argument. I don’t
know if it was just a quick reaction to throwing out Carl and I was just standing there. I was just trying to get between them obviously
because it was kind of a tight little scrum and I did and it was rather quick."

(On his ejection)
“I thought it was a ball and he disagreed and one thing led to another and it went from there.”

(On making contact with Davidson)
“I didn’t try to; I might’ve (done) it on accident. Looking at it, my helmet probably did hit him a little bit, but he came to me.”

(On the call)
“That was just a really bad call in my mind. I didn’t really want to get too upset about it, but when he told me that that was a good
pitch, I just disagreed real heavily about that.”

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