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More on the Garza deal



More comments from the key people in the Matt Garza trade:

From Cubs GM Jim Hendry:
"It isn't often that you can acquire a 27-year-old top of the rotation-type of guy that has three years left before he's a free agent in any kind of a trade. Obviously with that comes trading some significant young talent back. I commend Andrew Friedman and the Tampa Rays scouting department for being totally efficient in their evaluation of our minor-league system. I know for a fact the last 4-5 days before we made the deal 4 or 5 clubs were in there with their best bolts and high-level prospects."

More from Hendry:
"You have a guy who we feel is in the prime of his career. He's pitched in arguably the toughest division in baseball. ... He's pitched at the

highest level and on the biggest stage and seems to have liked that part of the action. From our work done with other people who have played with him, coached him in the past, this is a guy who wanted to pitch against the Yankees and the Red Sox. He wanted the challenge. I want him to just keep improving and keep doing what he's been doing. Let's hope he's got another LCS MVP in him down the road."

From Garza on leaving the Rays:
“I can’t speak bad about the Tampa Rays. They’re a great bunch of guys. They gave me the opportunity and stuck behind me through all the good and the bad. There’s not enough that I can say about those guys.

And on the breakup of the team:
"It’s a shame it has to be like that, but it’s the nature of the beast, it's the way this game works. I’m glad to be a part of it, and I cherish them until I end my career. Right now, I’m happy to be in Chicago and happy to be a Cub.”

From new Ray Chris Archer (to
"It's a little bittersweet, but at the end of the day, I know it's all a business and as a Minor Leaguer that's part of the business. I understand that, and I'm just happy to be a part of the Rays now and I'll do my best to help that team be successful."

From Hendry on Archer:
"He's the type of kid who I'm sure aspires to be someone like Garza in a few years, and we hope it happens, You're certainly not going to be able to acquire this kind of pitcher (Garza) without putting in a few of your top guys. ... Chris certainly moved up the ladder to be one of our better people. The Rays had every right to expect someone like him coming back in the deal."

From Garza (on re-uniting with 1B Carlos Pena in Chicago):
"Knowing that he is manning first base with that golden glove of his, and knowing he's going to give me the offense he usually provides, it'll be a lot of fun to watch and be a part of.''

From Garza, on going from the AL East champion Rays to the Cubs:
"Before the Rays won 96 games, they were in the cellar of the AL East. We just went in there with all positives. We went in there (and said), 'We're in for a dogfight, so let's go get them.' That's the same attitude I take year in and year out. It's going to be a dogfight no matter who you face. Our opponents are Major League ballplayers, so nothing is going to be handed to us. Right now, it's going to be a tough race, and let's see how we get ready and get it done. Why not?"

More from Garza on going to the Cubs:
"I'm excited to be a part of this long tradition, and try to get this thing turned around in a good direction.''

From Rays exec VP Andrew Friedman:
"It's the kind of deal that really worked because of what both sides set out to do and were able to accomplish and feel good about it. The Chicago Cubs added a very good starting pitcher who's an extraordinary competitor."

From Garza on being traded:
"I was kinda of caught off guard. Your name was out there, a numerous amount of teams. I let it take care of myself because I knew my job was to get ready for the season, whether it be Tampa or wherever.”

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