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See ya, Devil; welcome, sunburst



Home_4 The Rays aren't dropping just the Devil. As part of their switch to new blue-schemed uniforms, they have taken the Tampa Bay off their road jerseys in favor of their new Rays logo. They will, however, keep the TB on their caps. Here are the images, leaked on the Internet Thursday:

The uniforms are not expected to be unveiled until November but word of their look has been trickling out.

The leaked images, above, show a clean design, a color scheme of navy and light blue with a sunburst of yellow, and a return to sleeved jerseys from vests.

They'll wear traditional all-white uniforms at home and gray on the road with navy caps, but have "alternate" navy tops and an alternate road cap with a light-blue bill. One new logo features the word Rays over a baseball diamond, and another stacks Tampa Bay and Rays.

The Rays didn't confirm that the leaked designs were the right ones, but they didn't deny it either, instead asking fans to wait for a scheduled mid-November unveiling.

"We are planning an exciting celebration this fall, at which time we will launch the new marks," team vice president Rick Vaughn said. "We will celebrate this occasion with our fans, players and supporters. We are excited to share this event with the Tampa Bay community. It will provide the first opportunity to get a complete sense of our new look and its meaning to our organization."

The images, plus details on changes other teams are making, appeared to come from a Major League Baseball produced document, and first appeared Thursday on the Web site.

The model, for what it's worth, is wearing Rocco Baldelli's No. 5.

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