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Silverman on tons of talent, dueling Goliaths and being a favorite elsewhere



Team president Matt Silverman typically addresses the more mundane matters such as payroll and attendance and team policy. So given the chance to talk about the team on the field during a Monday night appearance on 620-AM, Silverman couldn't contain his excitement - saying it's the most talent the Rays have ever had, that they're David competing with two Goliaths and that if they were any other division but the AL East they'd be favorites.

A sample of his comments to Dave Wills:

“Talking about the on-field performance, our expectations are incredibly high. We, of course, go against the giants. We’re not David versus one Goliath, we’ve got two Goliaths in our division.  But that’s what gets us excited every morning to go to work to put this club together, to see what these guys can do. It’s looking good. I’ve never seen thus much talent on a Rays club – if we stay healthy, if we get the kind of performances we had last year and fill in a couple holes, we’re going to be playing those meaningful games in August and September and hopefully October.’’

"The good thing once the season starts on April 6, payrolls don’t really matter. It’s all about talent. Talent speaks. And the talent that we have is going to be right up there with the American League East. If you took us out of the American League East, I think we’d be a favorite in any other division in baseball. We’re right up there with the Yankees and Red Sox in those preseason polls and predictions, I don’t put much stock in those but it give you a sense of the expectations that others have for this club and I know our expectations … are just as high, if not higher.’’

[Last modified: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 12:15am]


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