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Fernandez, helping Maddon, Sam Fuld and Carlos Pena with dinner plans.


A Sunday morning team meeting turned out to be a screening of a video made by veteran Carlos Pena featuring C/INF/OF Stephen Vogt doing his best Joe Maddon impressions, complete with glasses, big words, wine,  and posture.

Pena said it did it for a simple reason: Team unity. "Getting everybody laughing in the same room creates unity,'' he said. The idea popped into his head after seeing a Saturday Night Live skit about wine, one of Maddon's passions.

Maddon said it was "well-done" and "I love being the brunt." Overall, he said he at first wasn't sure where the video was going, then realized it and enjoyed the show. "Very entertaining,'' he said. "Vogt was a little rusty doing me, but I'm sure by the end of this camp he'll have me down again. I really do appreciate Carlos taking the creative energy to put something like this together on a Sunday morning, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.'' 

Vogt said his key is to totally immerse himself in the character. "So I became Joe Maddon for 10 minutes,'' he said. "I had to really rack the brain for some big words.'' His biggest? Resplendent.

Vogt, who was won the team talent show twice for his impression, got rave reviews. "He's awesome,'' Pena said. "What an actor that guy is. He really gets into his character and it's so funny. ... He's got skills.''

Maddon said Vogt could go far: "The sky's the limit really. He could be starting out at the Improv and eventually doing movies with Chris Rock at some point hopefully, and who knows after that. I could see any of that being possible for the Vogt-er.''

Also, there is a desk set up outside Maddon's office for video coordinator Chico Fernandez, complete with a bell and balloons, marking the opening of the "Camp Concierge" office.


Fernandez with Fuld and Pena. Photos by Marc Topkin




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