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Sports Illustrated's Verducci takes on Manny matter



16covv14_promoresize.jpgSports Illustrated's Tom Verducci takes on the Manny Ramirez issue in this week's issue, under the headline: 

The Short Goodbye.

Once, Manny Ramirez was a hitting god.
But he departed the game like other stars
of the Steroid Era—as a disgraced symbol
of the dark history the game can’t escape,

From the story, which you can view in PDF form here:

There was weakness in the way Ramirez,
a formerly sublime slugger, left the
game. He up and departed without
apology, explanation or accountability, not
even bothering to tell his employer, the Rays,
that he was quitting. Instead he left it to the
commissioner’s office to inform the club that
he was done.


Ramirez retired with 555 home runs (14th
all time), 1,813 runs batted in (18th), a .996
on-base plus slugging average (ninth) and a
.312 batting average (86th). He was a major
figure in what will go down as one of the
greatest eras of slugging—and the dirtiest—
the game has ever known.
Consider that until 2001,Ruth was the only player in history to retire
with more than 550 home runs and an OPS
of .980 or better. But in the 10 years since
then it’s happened three times—all by players
connected to performance-enhancing drugs:
McGwire, Bonds and Ramirez.

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