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Three views from Chicago



Here are some opinions from Chicago columnists, with links to the full stories at the end of each excerpt.

"Rays act like they've been there before"
Phil Rogers, Chicago Tribune:

"As playoff baseball established one of its occasional October beachheads deep in the heart of football country, the Rays acted like they had been here before, even though they hadn't. That would not have been possible except for this fact: They are a very solid team, one that has a legitimate chance to imitate the 1997 Florida Marlins by running the table in its first trip to the postseason."

Read the full story.

"Balfour, Rays respond to Sox challenge"
Greg Couch, Chicago Sun-Times

"Balfour is a kook, standing on the mound cursing and screaming at himself, and Cabrera thought he could mess with his head.

"In the last few weeks, Cabrera has emerged as a guy trying to lead but unable to do it. No one is willing to follow."

Read the full story.

From RosenBlog
Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune:

"The White Sox had to beat three different teams in three days to get to the playoffs, and what happens after they pull off that major-league first?

"The Sox have to play inside a pachinko machine that was the franchise's destination when Chairman Reinsdorf was extorting the state for a new park. And worse, the Sox decide to have Javier Vazquez start Game 1."

Read the full blog post. (By the way, a Wikipedia entry says a pachinko machine is a Japanese gaming device, sort of a cross between pinball and a video slot machine.)

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