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World Series, Game One



End-of-the-World Series arrives

Two thirds down

Cole Hamels wriggled away for a second straight inning when Carlos Pena reached on an error, then was caught stealing. Rays manager Joe Maddon insisted Hamels had balked, but never left the dugout to argue. The Rays have two runs against Hamels, one less than he's allowed all postseason.

Officially go time

Carlos Pena,, 0-2

Evan Longoria, 0-2

Carl Crawford, 1-2, homer due up in the sixth

Classic baseball prank, Phillies style


One third down

Cole Hamels lost his air of invincibility in loading the bases last inning, but he still got away unscathed. His ERA this postseason was 1.23 coming in. Scott Kazmir, meanwhile, has settled in, but the Utley homer was huge.

Double play again

B.J. Upton took the vinegar out of a potentially promising rally against Cole Hamels - and they don't come around too often - with his second double play of the game.

Key moment

Kazmir came up large in striking out Ryan Howard (called on a check swing) and Pat Burrell swinging to strand Jayson Werth at third base.

The Rays have taken the field. Before a cascade of photo flashes, Scott Kazmir's first pitch is a strike.

And with MLB running the show, the temperature was listed  at 78, not the normal 72.

Here we go again

Scott Kazmir just walked a .200 hitter, Carlos Ruiz, to load the bases. You can almost hear those fingers punching out those "David Price needs to be in the rotation" blog entries.

It's the Rays, once one of the saddest-sack franchises in the history of sports, against the Phillies, who all things considered (they had a century head start) still are one of the saddest-sack franchises in the history of sports. Cheer ... if you dare.

The blogosphere says the Rays are bad for baseball

Click here.


Who's getting absolutely nothing done today?

Why can't us?

A peek into the other guys' camp.

Phillies fans abound

There are WAY more Philadelphia fans here already than Red Sox rooters in the average ALCS game. Either they were willing to pay more for scalps than the BoSox fans (doubt it) or Clearwater has committed mutiny. I know those free Saturday night fireworks are cool, but seriously.


Now THIS is over the line.

God bless you Tampa Bay ...

... for booing the Backstreet Boys just before one of the worst National Anthem renditions. EVER.


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