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Rays Price not bothered by Ortiz's comments

One day after Red Sox slugger David Ortiz declared "war" on Rays ace lefty David Price, the former Cy Young winner said he was neither surprised - nor bothered - by the comments.


"Not one bit," he said.

After Price drilled Ortiz with a 94 mile per hour fastball, Ortiz said he lost all respect for the former Cy Young winner, saying he acted like a girl and (b---), and that he better bring his gloves next time because "it's a war."

"For as many people as I quote unquote lost respect for, I gained respect from a lot more people," Price said. "And I know that's a fact."

Price wasn't bothered by what Ortiz said, other than the "war" reference.

"He was mad, I get it," Price said. "You say stupid stuff when you're mad. Been there. I'm sure

he probably wishes he didn’t say some of the things she said. You can't relate the game we play to a war. Kellen Winslow got a lot of crap for saying he was a soldier. No you're not a soldier. This is not war. We have troops fighting for us that are in a war. It's not a good comparison."

Price did say he felt bad for hitting Mike Carp in the fourth inning, noting it was a fastball he tried to get inside but missed. While Ortiz seemed to think Price hit him because of the two homers he hit off him in last year's American League Division series  - Price criticized Ortiz then for admiring one - the lefthander said "people are going to have their opinions."

"Nobody is bigger than the game of baseball," Price siad. "You ask pitchers who pitched in the game 10-15-20 years ago, that’s normal. That’s part of the game.

When asked if he plans to approach Ortiz to clear the air, Price said. "We don't have anything to talk about."

[Last modified: Saturday, May 31, 2014 6:07pm]


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