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So what if they end up tied ...



As of this morning, the Rays sit atop the American League wild-card race, one game ahead of the Indians and two of the Rangers with four to play. The Rays control their own destiny, so as long as the Rays keep winning, they will be hosting one of the others in the one-game wild-card playoff on Wednesday night.

But if they stumble along the way, there is the possibility of a two- or three-way tie.

In short, if there is a tie to win a spot in the playoffs, it will be broken on the field. If there is a tie to determine where the wild-card game would be played, there is a tiebreaker plan in place. And in this case, it would simply be the first criteria, head to head records.

So here is what that means if:

Rays and Indians tie for the two wild-card spots - both are in, game is in St. Pete (based on Rays winning season series 4-2).

Rays and Rangers tie for the two wild-card spots - both are in, game is in Arlington (based on Rangers winning season series 4-3).

Not that Rays fans would care, but if the Indians and Rangers tie, the Indians would host based on their 5-1 season series edge.

Now if the top wild-card is claimed and there is a tie for the second, there would be a one-game playoff, presumably on Monday, and the same tiebreakers would be used: Rays would host Indians, Rangers would host Rays, Indians would host Rangers.

Now it gets a little trickier if there is a three-way tie for the two spots. In that case, there would be two playoff games. The teams are ranked based on their records aganinst each other, which looks like this: 1. Indians (7-5), 2. Rays (7-6), 3. Rangers (5-8).

As the top team, the Indians get to pick their path - A, B or C - with the Rays picking second. Under the format, Team A hosts Team B on Monday and the winner is the first wild-card. Then Team C hosts the loser of the first game on Tuesday and the winner is the second wild-card. And then the two winners would play the actual wild-card game on Wednesday.


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