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Some more from Monday night's drama



Awaiting - finally - a flight home this morning, some leftover items from Monday's tense 2-1 Rays win over the Red Sox that had somewhat of a postseason feel to it:

* Obviously the admittedly blown call by home plate umpire was the major topic of conversation among the Red sox and their fans. And the Rays weren't really contending otherwise - Sam Fuld, who threw the ball that led to the call said when he saw the replay he also thought Daniel Nava was safe - instead suggesting it is just an evening out of the bad calls they felt went against them earlier this season, most notably in Texas when they had an umpire apologizing to them for his blown call.

Asked about replay, Rays manager Joe Maddon said, as usual, that he is all for it. But until a new system is in place, Maddon said, "we just have to wear it.''

The Sox, of course, didn't take as much of a bigger-picture view as the call kept them from scoring the tying run and ended the eighth.

“It was a missed call. A terrible call,”  said Sox manager John Farrell, who was ejected in his protest. “Clearly the angle of Jerry Meals behind the plate when the throw came in, he did not see the view. … He was blocked out of the play. You see the reaction of the base runner. They tell you everything.”

 * Fuld was considered the star for the strong and somewhat acrobatic - flipping forward for momentum - throw he made that was the play of the game, but he actually had misplayed a ball earlier that could have loomed just as big. When Ryan Lavarnway laced a ball off the Green Monster, Fuld was too aggressive in going back and it caromed by him, so he essentially played a single into a double.

 "I went from feeling really crummy to really good in about three minutes,'' he said.

 Also Fuld, who sent to Stanford, said he hadn't noticed that Nava pinch-ran for the much slower Lavarnway.

 * Nava did a bad job of baserunning when Stephen Drew followed with a drive to deep right over the head of Wil Myers. Nava didn't read the ball well and was actually headed back to second when the ball hit the ground, though Myers deserves some credit for hustling to get it back it - leaving the Sox in the odd position of hitting back to back doubles without scoring.

 “I should have scored. It’s my fault. Bad read,” Nava told Boston media “It happens. ... I thought he was about to catch the ball. I started to creep back to second. With one out, you have to keep extending. I told myself that a second before.”

 Farrell didn't have any better explanation.

 “Just kind of misread at that point,” he said. “You’re schooled if the ball is not caught to be in a position to be able to score. Unfortunately at that point, Nava’s momentum had him going back to second base.”

 * Maddon raved about the job catcher Jose Molina did in reading Fuld's throw, getting to the ball and then getting his momentum toward the plate, and blocking Nava - well, mostly - off the plate.

 "Textbook,'' Maddon said. "Spaulding guide.''

 Molina, though, deferred any credit.

 "That was all Sammy,'' he said. "I just caught the ball.''

The teams play three more times in the regular season, Sept. 10-12 at the Trop.

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