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A Grammy story from Derek Trucks

Mark Seliger



When we interviewed modern guitar god Derek Trucks a few weeks back, we got to talking about Revelator, his 2011 album with Tedeschi Trucks Band, which won a Grammy for Best Blues Album. That got us thinking: What happens when a husband and wife — in this case, Trucks and singer-guitarist Susan Tedeschi — win a major award for the same project?

Turns out Trucks — who in addition to the 11-member Tedeschi Trucks Band also plays with the Allman Brothers Band (for now, anyway) — had a pretty good story about it. And with the 56th annual Grammy Awards airing this Sunday on CBS, we thought we’d share it with you here.

Your first album together, Revelator, won a Grammy. Does that mean you have two Grammy statuettes for that album in your home? I imagine you each got one, right?

You know, it’s kind of funny. We were flying home from Japan, and I wasn’t planning on going to the Grammys, but the Allman Brothers were getting a lifetime achievement award, so I was going to be there for that. So I decided, All right, we’ll be there, let’s do it. We get there for the pre-party, and everybody that’s nominated, you get this Grammy medallion — but they only had two for the band. They were like, “Yeah, when the band’s 10 people or bigger, you only get two. If it’s 9 or 10, you get 10.” I was like, “That doesn’t work. (laughs) This is a f---ing band! How do I sell that to everybody?” It doesn’t make any sense.

So after we won, you get on stage and they give everybody who was there a Grammy, so there’s seven of them on stage. But then you go backstage, and they go, “Yeah, those aren’t the real ones; we’ll mail you the real ones. Except the other people that had ’em are not gonna get ’em.” (laughs) So I called around to everybody I knew. I was like, “Does anybody know anybody on the Grammy committee? I gotta send ’em a letter. This doesn’t make sense. Either just give us one, which I’ll give to Susan (laughs), or we kind of need — there’s 10 more of us! It’s only one extra from the nine that you would allow! This is a band!” But they came around. They wrote a nice letter back, and made sure everybody got an actual trophy. So now that we’re done with that, after raising s---, I don’t think they’ll ever give us another one again. (laughs) I’m glad we got one.

Do you keep them together, or do you put one in the office and one in the kitchen or something?

I used to always joke — just because the whole concept of playing music and getting an award for it seems kind of odd — “If I ever get one, I’m using it as a doorstop.” And then you get one, and you’re like, Wow, this thing is kind of nice! (laughs) So yeah, mine is kind of hidden away. Susan’s is not the first thing you see when you walk in, but it’s displayed nicely.

So she can point to it. If you ever have a disagreement musically, she can say, “Hey, that’s my Grammy up on that shelf.”

Yeah, exactly. “Where is yours, in some box somewhere?” (laughs)

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

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