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Beyonce Week: All hail Queen Bey's style evolution (a gif story)

She was just like us once. Except, you know, the talent.

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She was just like us once. Except, you know, the talent.



Beyonce. The fashion world is her oyster, and so it has been for decades now. DECADES.

Queen Bey started out like the rest of us: venturing into plain sight wearing a tube dress and flip flops, making regrettable fabric choices without a moment's thought. But the Lemonade artist’s taste has matured and, for better or worse, I’ve compiled a giftastic presentation of her style evolution.

When scouring the archives, I spotted some trends, categorized her looks and set some - okay, one - guideline. Rule No. 1 and only: Costumes are mostly off limits. Why? They’re more fantasy than fashion, and really, who needs to be reminded of moments like this?

And away we go. Let’s start with Bey’s streetwear, because we, the normal, can relate to throwing on a pair of jeans and even Uggs if that’s your thing. Though we, the normal, don’t typically wear these things courtside. Or on TRL, may it RIP.

Next up: boho. Beyonce’s been repping the free-spirited style forever, and there’s no sign of stopping, only perfecting.

Now, onto Mrs. Carter’s somewhat work-appropriate ensembles. Turns out the Formation singer has a major thing for blazers, something I hadn’t noticed until I exhaustively perused the wires.

Early on, an assortment of weird button-down shirts somehow made it into Bey’s wardrobe, but it appears a more elegant aesthetic has taken their place. Praise be. Not sure what’s going on with that grandma look, though.

Now, for the fancy stuff. Let’s take a look at Bey’s evolving love of fur:

Silk and satin:



And LYDs: (That one stands for little yellow dresses, of which she is apparently a fan. It is also my nickname.)

Beyonce’s red carpet appearance has, of course, been overhauled countless time, beginning with a quinceañera-esque vibe that took a turn for the tropical, then the ruffly, then the slinky, sexy, dark and flowy.

Back in the Destiny’s Child day, Bey stepped out in one of those less-than-pleasing “naked” dresses, but her increasingly chic peekaboo moments continue to turn heads, mostly for all the right reasons.

Bey’s best look yet, though, is her go-to: glitter and gold - you know, to match all the trophies she’s won.

And this has been a COMPREHENSIVE history of Beyonce in fashion, courtesy of AP and Getty Images and a lot of Photoshopping and now I’m tired.

Are you one of the lucky ones going to the Formation World Tour at Ray Jay on Friday? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what Bey-inspired look you plan to slay.

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