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Carrot Top talks life as a comedy target, terrorism, hanging with Queen and Axl Rose and more

Carrot Top

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Carrot Top



Las Vegas has been very, very good to Carrot Top.

The big-time prop comic no longer plays the road as much as he'd like due to his schedule commitments at the Luxor. His performance Sunday at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater is part of his first tour of his home state of Florida -- where he still keeps a residence -- in a decade.

But Carrot Top (born Scott Thompson) is a fixture at Vegas parties, befriending nearly every celebrity who breezes onto the Strip for an extended period of time, from Shania Twain to Axl Rose to Flavor Flav.

“It’s pretty inevitable that you’ll run into them, I guess, because of all the different functions that happen here,” he said in a recent phone interview. “But I usually go out of my way to see their shows.”

When we talked to Carrot Top, he had a lot to say about his career, the evolution of his comedy, his thoughts on his haters, even his thoughts on terrorism. Click here to read it.

But he had plenty to say about Las Vegas and his celebrity friends, too. Here are a few Carrot Top stories we couldn't squeeze into that other story.

Does he really meet every celebrity that comes through Vegas? "There have been a few that I still haven't seen. I've seen Rod Stewart, but I've yet to meet him, because they say he's impossible. Everyone tells me, don't even try. But I got to hang out with Elton John. That was cool."

On meeting Axl Rose: "He was one that actually threw me for a loop. My general thought of Axl Rose, and what i think the perception of what people think of him, was completely different from what he was in person. He was, like, not only nice, but very smart. I sat there and talked to him and couldn't believe I was talking to Axl Rose.

"I remember the first time I met him, it was brief -- one of those things where he literally walks by, and I go, 'Hey, Axl Rose.' He goes, 'Hey, man.' When I finally went to go meet him and talk to him, he said, 'Hey, what were those boots you had on?' And I was like, 'What the f---? How do you remember that? That was like three years ago, and I barely said hi to you.' He must have just remembered. Maybe that's how he remembered me: Carrot Top. Boots. But he couldn't have been nicer."

On the most colorful celebrity character he knows: "Flavor Flav. He lives out here. Honestly, I never know what's gonna happen when he walks in. He loves me. He’s always coming to my show. I will say one thing: Of all the people that have been to my shows, from Shania Twain to the drummer from Queen (Roger Taylor), the only person that got more applause and attention was Flavor Flav, when I introduced him to my audience. And my audience is getting older. I didn’t think my audience would know who the hell Flavor Flav was. But I said, 'We have a guest in the audience. Flavor Flav is here!' And the place went apes---. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, g--d---! He should run for president!"

On the celebrity who should have a show in Vegas, but doesn't: "Roger Taylor, the drummer, when they played out here for iHeartRadio, they wanted to go on the road again. I said, 'Why don't you do a residency here?' They came through and did one show on a tour with Adam Lambert, and he asked me that -- 'You like it every night in Vegas?' And I said, 'Yeah, you should do it.' He said, 'Oh, god, no. I'm 70 years old. I don't want to play here every f---ing night.' But I think Queen would kill out herre. It'd be great to have them at the Coliseum or something. That's who I'd like to see."

Wait, Carrot Top is friends with Queen's Roger Taylor? "I grew up with that band, and I remember watching those videos and watching Queen. And then he's sitting in the audience watching my show. So cool. So cool.

"Now that I know him well enough, he's actually a really good friend. I actually went to London, and he and his wife, we all went out and stuff. He doesn't mind talking about (Freddie Mercury) with personal friends. He doesn't like to talk about it in the press anymore. But he doesn't mind offering some of those stories, vecause he knows someone like myself, I'm such a big fan. I was like, 'I hate to do this, but can I ask you... this song, was this song written about him dying?' And he'll tell me those kinds of things. Pretty cool."

-- Jay Cridlin

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