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Anyone going to AfterBurn?



Perhaps you're familiar with the concept of Burning Man, the annual hippie-oriented arts freakout in northwestern Nevada, during which uncombed and unbathed persons from all across America gather to take drugs, set things on fire and listen to terrible, terrible trance music. Get a job, you lackadaisical hoboes!

Well, next weekend brings an event that's not technically related, but in the same spirit, called AfterBurn, to Maddox Ranch in Lakeland. "Burners" from across Florida will gather from Nov. 6-8 to camp out and enjoy the Burning Man lifestyle once more. After all, the gist of both festivals is the same: Arts, hippies, communalism and freedom, man, just ... freedom.

It's a secretive and invite-only event -- Nov. 3 is the final day to buy an invite, and there are no tickets sold at the gate, and once you get there, you can't leave. And as it says on the Web site, "Embedded press is not welcome." Well then. Screw you, too, pal.

The event is also a fundraiser for Burnt Oranges Inc., a group dedicated to promoting outsider and interactive art. At this point, the only band we can figure is playing is Tampa's Bride of Chaotica. We reached out to the folks at Burnt Oranges Inc. for more info on the lineup, but got nowhere.

"The purpose of AfterBurn is to create an Interactive Art Experience," an official named Storm said in an e-mail. "The event is about participation in creativity, not about artistic voyeurism, and the sound artists are only a small part of the event. Everyone attending the event is highly encouraged to be a participant and to express themselves artistically in some way as well as to participate in other's artistic endeavors." (Underlining emphasis Storm's.) 

Any of you guys going to AfterBurn -- or have you been in the past? If so, send us your photos -- we'd love to see what all the fuss is about.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

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