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Artist of the day: Auto?Automatic??



Meet auto automatic
Question marks! Exclamation points! It's all fair game for Brian Larsen, Alex Fedele and Adam Khan, who call themselves Auto?Automatic??. In the past, they've also gone by the name Auto!Automatic!!.

The experimental-progressive-instrumental rock machine can go from being repetitive and ambient and out-there to shimmery and pretty. Now, the band's sharp-angled bass riffs have been smoothed out a little by Khan, creating a mood that leaves more up to mystery -- hence the question marks.

The band will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday at the fourth anniversary party for Fly Bar in downtown Tampa. Free admission.

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Re-automated: Sometimes being in a band isn’t automatic. A couple of years ago, the experimental-progressive-instrumental rock machine of Auto?Automatic??  (then with exclamation points) took a break and decided they couldn’t go on in their existing lineup and decided to part ways with friend and bassist Nate Murray. Guitarist Brian Larsen, drummer Alex Fedele and new bassist Adam Khan reanimated the group when they got the opportunity to open for the Mercury Program at Crowbar last month.  

What’s new, what’s the same? They can still go from being repetitive to ambient and out-there to shimmery and pretty. Now, the sharp-angled bass riffs, popularized by the more muscular and aggressive Murray, have been smoothed out a little, creating a mood that leaves more up to mystery — hence the question marks.

Future plans: “We have plenty of material to work with for our next full-length, Larsen said. “Just gotta figure out the logistics.”

Khan: “Yeah, as long as I can do the album artwork, I could care less what goes on musically. (laughs) Kidding.”  

Fedele: “Were hoping to record as soon as we can, if any labels are interested. Seriously though, we are planning on starting a campaign soon to help us raise money to get into the studio and press and release our next album. We’ve had fellow bands successfully raise recording, pressing, and touring money through Kickstarter. It’s a very unique and cool site. We encourage people to check it out, especially the generous music-loving type!”

Auto? tune: “We named our most recent song Premature Songalation, which just kinda came out of nowhere,” Fedele said.

Larsen: “It starts out with a short looped guitar riff, and for the most part, the entire song is based around that loop sped up and played twice as fast. It creates some pretty unique layers and it’s great to play live as it frees up my hands to do things like take a sip of cold beer, maybe eat a pastrami on rye. Man, if I could get a TV on stage, too, I’d have the trifecta down.”

On being a replacement: “Here’s the truth: I have no idea what Nate was playing in the songs before, so, from that standpoint, all the songs are being played differently,” Khan said. “Nate and I definitely had different influences during our formative years, and I think it can be heard with the new lineup. He was a little more John Riggins; I’m a little more Marcus Allen, if that makes any sense.”

Personality differences: “It is a pretty diverse group of guys,” Khan replied. “Our stage personalities are almost opposite of our real personalities.  For instance, Brian, who totally thrashes on stage, is one of the most low-key guys you could ever hang out with. Alex is super-intense behind the drum set, but a ridiculously lighthearted and relaxed when we’re hanging out. I barely move when we’re playing, but I am insanely fidgety when I’m socializing.”

Their Seven Dwarves names: “I guess Brian is Brainy Dwarf, I’m Silly Dwarf,” Khan said, “and Alex is Happy-Action-Fun-Time Dwarf.”

Hear them: 9 p.m. Saturday at Fly Bar, 1202 N Franklin St., Tampa, for the venue’s fourth anniversary party. No cover; $4 drink specials.

-- Julie Garisto, tbt*

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