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Artist of the day: Bleeding Money




A Tampa institution died in 2010: The Punk House.

It was a haven for raw, rowdy punk shows, and it was maintained by local punk favorites Elysium. Sadly, drug and money problems tore Elysium apart, and as they died, so did the Punk House.

The good news is three members of Elysium — Spencer Anemik (guitar), Mikey DUIs (drums) and Tom Shelton (vocals/guitars) — joined forces with guitarist Greg Hartley (Anemik switched to bass) and formed Bleeding Money. The group still plays a couple of Elysium songs (Weed and Video Games and Steal From Your Job), but has mostly written new material.

"We’ve taken a more thrash-metal sort of direction musically. The melodic lead vocals and ganglike backup vocals are still there," said Shelton. "We were pretty sad to see the death of the Punk house and Elysium but we’re really happy with our new band and the amount of momentum that we’ve been moving forward with."

And as for the new name? "The name 'Elysium' we scrapped cause it was mispronounced almost every time and was occupied by about 20 other bands," Spencer said. Makes sense.

You can check out Bleeding Money on Saturday (4/2) at Fubar in St. Petersburg, alongside Gonad Rehab, Mosquito Teeth and Magnolia. Click here for details.

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