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Artist of the day: Easybreezy



Josh Greenberg (guitar and vocals), Chase Leonard (drums) and Charlie Curtis (bass) are all former members of 2008 tbt* Ultimate Local Band winner Win Win Winter. These days, theyr'e keeping fresh and fruity in their new group, Easybreezy, a poppy three-piece garage band that combines the weirdness of Dieter from Sprockets with the musicality of Pavement. It's catchy but a little strange and dissonant.

Easybreezy plays at 8 p.m. Friday at Fubar, 658 Central Ave. in downtown St. Petersburg, with Mouse Fire, Signals from Satellites, Friends of Giants and Snowbones. $4. Click here for a flyer.

After the jump, check out Julie Garisto's full profile of Easybreezy ...

Beautiful cover boys: Josh Greenberg, vocals and guitar; Chase Leonard, drums, and Charlie Curtis, bass.

Formed: Last fall in Clearwater.

Former affiliations: All three are former members of Win Win Winter. Leonard also played in The Same. Greenberg, Leonard’s close friend for the past five years, played keyboards for Mants and, currently, in the arty-experimental Dafrebos. Curtis played in the Briggs.

Good timing: “It all came about because I knew Chase and Charlie had been in bands and weren’t doing anything at the time,” Greenberg said.

CD: Due out this spring; they’re sussing out if they’re going to record any or all of the music with their friends in Lakeland band Mouse Fire, whom they’re performing with this week in St. Pete and on March 6 at New World Brewery.

Sound: If a three-piece poppy garage band were to get interrupted by Dieter of Sprockets and stray cats jumping around, then you’d be somewhere on the campus of the Easybreezy loony bin. It’s catchy but a little strange and dissonant.

Compared to: Pavement and Q and Not U

'Festive but Creepy’: Description of a cellphone pic, quoted from Chase. When asked if those words could also describe their music, he and the others all said yes with a laugh. (The phrase came up several times during our interview.)

Too much? Greenberg, who also plays bass and keyboards, says he’s happy splitting his time between two bands. He said, “I just want to stay as busy as possible making music.” 

Short and sweet: “It felt like with every band I was in we were playing these 5-, 6-minute-long songs,” Greenberg said. “So I got the idea that I wanted to make music with brevity.”

Good weird vs. bad weird: Said Leonard, “I was really excited because I really wanted to start something that was similar to the Same’s sound, just like weird and every song’s different. And I hadn’t played with Charlie ever but I knew Josh was into super-weird music like I was.”

Greenberg: “I don’t necessarily want to do something just to get a reaction. I want to get someone’s attention with something that’s disarming at first and then people listen realize they kinda like it.”

Not so serious: “Everybody seems to like it because we’re fun,” Leonard said. “The beats, the rhythm are something you can get into.”

Curtis: “I think we have a good energy on stage too. People have told me that.”

Greenberg: “I like the idea of music being less is more and having unusual tones but still poppy. It helps that Chase and I both are a little creepy and weird in our senses of humor. Charlie is too. It takes awhile to get him there, but we get him there.”

Covers: None yet, though they performed a singular version of the 1994 dance hit Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop) by Scatman John.

Hear them: Easybreezy plays at 8 p.m. Friday at Fubar, 658 Central Ave. in downtown St. Petersburg, with Mouse Fire, Signals from Satellites, Friends of Giants and Snowbones. $4. (727) 821-7080.

-- Julie Garisto, tbt*

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