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Artist of the day: Flyingsnakes




Flyingsnakes are St. Pete’s own unique brand of sludge rock/punk/metal. It’s not easy to classify, or place their sonic offerings in any niche or genre, so we won’t. We can assure you of this: Their bulldozer-strength rhythm section; thick, syrupy riffs; tortured vocals and high decibel-volume are guaranteed to melt your face off.

Flyingsnakes are Cletis Chatterton, guitar and vocals; Jonathan Warzybok, guitar and vocals; Nick Sibilia, bass; and Aaron Walter, drums. They started as a trio in March ’05, and added Sibilia in 2010. One of their recent claims to fame is their performance at the 2012 Scion Rock Fest in Tampa, along with musical luminaries Sleep, Exodus, Merzbow, Psychic TV, and Sick of it All.

We sat down to share tales over 24-oz. PBR tallboys...

What inspired you to bring Nick into the fold?

Chatterton: We wanted a bigger guitar sound, and Nick was already as close to us as someone that would be in our band, so it made sense.

How have they treated you so far, Nick?

Sibilia: Like s---! (all laugh) I’m still the new guy.

Warzybok: And he will always be.

Chatterton: He gets a lot of abuse in the band.

What are your thoughts about The Scion Rock Fest?

Chatterton: They do a big metal fest once a year and they switch the towns; this year is was in Tampa. They contacted us and asked us to play. The fest was actually really eclectic compared to the other ones they had.

Sibilia: I think it went great.

Chatterton: We had a great show with killer bands ... and it was a free show, it didn’t cost anybody a dime. It was a f---in’ blast. ... We were treated like kings.

Warzybok: I think I speak for all of us that we are in no way interested in being involved in the major music industry. We just like taking their money if they want to give it to us for free. Anyone who won’t take free money from corporate America, even if they’re adverse to it, is a complete idiot.

Walter: It was the first taste of the music industry. It was weird, man; money was not an object.

Sibilia: No free beers though; I found out the hard way.

Chatterton: Nick got yelled at for trying to drink Exodus’ beer!

By Exodus themselves?

Walter: No, by their tour manager.

Warzybok: For the record, I’d like to say that guy’s a f---in’ dick.

Chatterton: He looked like Fred Durst.

Walter: Yeah, they pulled some big-league bulls---, something like, “You’re with one of the local bands, aren’t you!?”

Sibilia: He (the manager) was like, “Are you local?” And I was like, “Yeah, man! What’s up?” He just snatched the beer out of my hand and was like, “This isn’t your beer.” And I was like, “Well, it was...”

Warzybok: We had already put a sizeable dent in their stash.

Walter: We had been told by the stage manager there was a cooler full of beer backstage for everybody.

Sibilia: I went up and they had a cooler and I could see the elderly gentlemen in Exodus were stringing their guitars, and I could see them grimacing at me, making faces as I was taking beers back and forth. I think they finally got fed up. Instead of just telling me to stop they had their tour manager confront me.

It’s funny ’cause you could easily kick Exodus’ asses. This pass summer, you toured the Eastern U.S. Any stories you’d like to share?

Chatterton: We toured with our brothers Proselyte from Boston.

Sibilia: I cried when it was over. What stood out for me most about the tour was the camaraderie between all nine of us. That was super fun.

Walter: We played in a bowling alley in Minnesota, on the lanes. They had a stage built across four lanes and there were people bowling to either side of us while we played.

Chatterton: The kind of music that we play, we’re never gonna make money doing it. We’ll always have to have jobs … but it’s worth it.
Warzybok: On the same note I would like to say that the worst night in a van, freezing, in a strange place, is better than my best night here.

Any final words for the good people of Tampa Bay?

Sibilia: We challenge Wolf-Face to a loud-off.


Flyingsnakes perform at the Post-Apocalypse Fubar Christmas Party with Fatal, Hot Graves and Dysmorphia. It’s 9 p.m. Saturday at Fubar, 658 Central Ave., St. Petersburg.

-- Aaron Lepley, tbt*


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