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Artist of the day: Mumpsy




Orlando indie popsters Mumpsy have always been popular in these parts, due in part to their friendship with bands like Win Win Winter, and in part to the wickedly catchy throwback Britpop-styled sound.

Featuring Jeff Ilgenfritz on vocals and guitars, Waylon Thornton on drums, Chris Rae on keys and Al Ruiz on bass, Mumpsy play bouncy, almost country-ish tracks with trumpets, pianos, jangly guitars and shoo-be-doo-wop-wops, just like their '60s influences (the Kinks, the Mamas and the Papas, et al).

They're gearing up for a tour of the East Coast and Midwest in August. But first, on Saturday, they're celebrating the release of a 4-song vinyl 7" called Posturing -- which the band describes as sounding like "a drunken, foulmouthed high school party, the one here all the cool kids went to and told their lamer friends about the next day." with a party at New World Brewery. They're performing with Win Win Winter and Mouse Fire at 9 p.m. Tickets are $7.

Click here to listen to an mp3 from that album, This Is Where I Leave. Or, if you want, you can download Mumpsy's entire album Mortgaging Our Future For Right Now on their Web site, for free, right now.

And after the jump, check out Julie Garisto's full interview with Mumpsy...

Striking a pose: Orlando’s Mumpsy formed in 2005 and comprises Jeff Ilgenfritz, vocals, harmonica and guitar; Chris Rae: percussion, guitar, synth and vocals; Al Ruiz, bass and vocals, and Waylon Thornton, drums, vocals. They celebrate the release of their 7-inch EP, Posturing, this weekend in Orlando and Tampa.

Mumpsy’s sound: Melodic with slightly rough edges and pleasant eccentricities, like British Invasion with a twist. “I grew up listening to the radio,” Ilgenfritz says, “so I think that naturally comes out in the Mumpsy form of music: intro, verse, chorus, etc. I tend to like short, succinct songs that do not have extraneous parts. The leaner, the better.”

Rae: “My parents listened to a lot of pop and melody-driven music. I think I love creating those catchy pop hooks. There is never too much time put into writing them. … If I were to spend too much time on it, it would feel either stale or generic.”

Recording: “We wanted a live feel,” Ilgenfritz says, “and the only way we could have gotten that, with no overdubs, was to travel out of the city (to Gainesville, with co-producer Rob McGregor) and turn off our cell phones. We ended up recording all of the music in one or two takes for each song.”

Zombies! The tune Coffin State of Mind features a video with black-and-white, B-movie, Night of the Living Dead-style antics that can be viewed on YouTube.

Impressive recognition: Mumpsy has toured throughout the nation and has been recommended on playlists put together by renowned artists John Frusciante and Sufjan Stevens.

How have they evolved? “The first album I did only as a singer-songwriter,” Ilgenfritz says. “I hated doing that. So many boring hours spent all by yourself, multi-tracking different instruments. I found Chris Rae after our last band broke up and offered him a job. He, thankfully, inclined the offer and has been my best friend for around five years now. When you have someone like that in the band, and then find two other best friends, who are also addicted to touring and recording and making music videos, you have an enormous thing. It really makes me very grateful and humble. I credit those guys with everything. In fact, Waylon Thornton plays more instruments on this album then me. Everyone but Al does, really.”

Why Posturing? “'Posturing’ is such a funny term to me,” Ilgenfritz says. “You can posture yourself for a fight; you use posturing to secure that new legal career you’ve wanted so bad. In our situation, posturing was us, standing up for long hours in the studio, and playing music as tight as we could, all the while locking eyes with one another and with our fingertips.”

And the band name? From the 1945 children’s book Mumpsy Goes to Kindergarten by Louise Lawrence.

If Mumpsy sponsored a sports franchise, it would be …  “A Little League team!” Ilgenfritz beams. “We’d buy them pizza after every game. We’d have to. We’d be drinking and loudly heckling them for two hours prior.”

Hear ’em: With Mouse Fire and Win Win Winter, 10 p.m. Saturday at New World Brewery, 1313 E Eighth Ave., Ybor City. $7. (813) 248-4969.

-- Julie Garisto, tbt*. Photo: Chris Garcia.

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