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Artist of the day: The Navajos




Tribal music? Hardly.

The Navajos play bright and bouncy indie pop ... or maybe it's gypsylike punk ... or glam-twee ... or piano folk ... whatever you want to call it, it's catchy, and it's definitely creative.

The sizeable Pinellas County collective includes Layne Farmen on mandolin and trombone, Drew Megill on drums, Chauncey Giraldi on bass and sax, Sam Wolter on Ukulele, Craig Kile on keyboard and bassoon, Will Baldwin on synths, and Chris Dietz and Alex Gispert on guitars. With a lineup like that, it's no wonder their sound is all over the map.

"Our members vary in terms of musical taste (for instance, some prefer My Chemical Romance and Attack Attack!, while others dig Death Cab For Cutie, Bon Iver and Animal Collective)," Kile said in an e-mail. "Though this would appear to be something of a constant argument and fight, prohibiting any real progress from being made, this somehow actually brings out more of a diversified sound."

By the way, none of the Navajos are actually Navajos. "Mainly we just wanted an excuse to put on a more crazy visual live show," Kile said.

The Navajos will perform at 7 p.m. Friday at Pangea Cafe in Clearwater, alongside Halibut and the Wind-Up Birds. The show is free.

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