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Artist of the day: Resinated




Hailing form Madeira Beach, Resinated are a self described modern pop-reggae, rock, funk, danceable fusion band.

Members Kenny Mullins, guitar and vocals; Justin Runfola, bass and background vocals; Joshua Hasak, percussion; and Cameron Willinger, trumpet and background vocals, are known for throwing kooky, costume-oriented parties and presenting an all-around groove-oriented good time. Hot on the heels of their first full-length release, BEyourself, released July 23, they are bringing their signature brand of party weirdness to Jannus Live, on Saturday. 

We sat down with Resinated, minus Hasak, to get a glimpse into their bizarre world.

What can be expected from a Resinated show?

Mullins: Whatever’s on the album, expect it to be bigger live. It’s always a little more unconfined. This weekend we’re having a keyboard player, and a whole ’nother percussion section with us. We try to accommodate; if it’s an acoustic show, we have a stripped-down version of Resinated. We have a whole ’nother unplugged, if you will. ...  We play a lot different places: Red Mesa downtown, Ruby’s Elixir, that’s a Jazz bar … We have to adjust to everywhere we play. If we’re at Jannus, we’re obviously doin’ all originals. We’re known to go off on jams for 20 minutes at times, and it’s all written right on the spot. We wouldn’t let it get to 20 minutes unless it’s a good groove, you know what I mean? We bring up a lot of energy. 

Runfola: We’re definitely a fun live band.  We like to make it an event.

What would say it is that sets you apart form other reggae, rock, funk-fusion, danceable acts?

Willinger: You know what it is? We bleed it, dude. We eat, breathe and sleep our music. It’s part of our day: writing what we do all the time. We live together — well, we don’t live together, but we practice with each other all of the time. We’re always hanging out together, you know? So, the music kind of like expresses what we do with our day.

Mullins: We have a little bit more of a soul to us; it’s not what people call white-boy reggae. When you asked what kind of music it is, I say, “Reggae, rock, funk, indie, fusion,” ’cause it doesn’t stay consistent. If you listen to any of the songs, they all have the Resinated feel, you know it’s Resinated. But, they’re all inconsistent. They don’t stay on the same genre, but unity of it really is all the same.
Runfola: It’s kind of the meaning of the name of the band too. We’re a resinated bowl of a bunch of different types of music.

Speaking of, how influential is smoking weed to you?

Mullins: We’re pretty avid pot smokers, man, I’m not gonna lie. We don’t really sing about it. We do have songs that speak in terms of marijuana, but we don’t say, “Smoke weed,” all this... We’re not trying to represent it; it’s more of an incognito approach.

Willinger: One of my favorite lyrics in BEyourself is, “Resinated my mind and livin’.” And, like, that I think portrays a double definition for "resination." Like, yeah, we smoke weed, or whatever, and we’re avid pot smokers, but it’s also the whole lifestyle that we’re about. I think "resination" has a dual meaning of collaboration with as many people as we can, and unity, it brings it all back to unity.

-- Aaron Lepley, tbt*

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