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Artist of the day: The Woolly Bushmen




The Woolly Bushmen are a garage-rock trio hailing from Orlando, comprised of brothers Julian (drums, vocals) and Simon (organ, guitar, and vocals) Palombi, and Jacob Miller (bass, guitar and vocals). They have stepped out of their garage and have been bombarding us with their ’60s mod-up-tempo-danceable songs that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Frankie and Annette beach party film. Since forming in January 2011, they have already been on an east coast tour and played shows with Southern Culture On The Skids.

Let us let them tell their story:

How did the Woolly Bushmen come about?

Miller: I moved here from West Virginia and they (the Palombi brothers) moved here from Cleveland. When we first started school (at Full Sail University), Simon was the first person I met, and I was the first person he met. I went back to their house soon after, and played a bit. His brother (Julian) started on drums. We started in January of last year… and we played our first show in I believe early March.
How did you come up with your band name?

Simon: Our first show we had booked before we even had a name. And just joking around and talking, thinking of names, the name Woolly Bushmen came up. I don’t honestly remember exactly how, we just ended up sticking with it because we needed a name. After people just started knowing us as the Woolly Bushmen, and we got a review under that name, we just stuck with it.

How did you end up connecting with Southern Culture On The Skids?

Simon: It actually was a result of Antiwarpt. A gentlemen who assisted booking at Skipper’s saw us, and about a month and a half ago he sent us an email asking if we would be interested in opening for them on their Skipper’s date, and we of course said yes. Immediately after confirming that he sent us another email that said to be on the lookout for a booking company to be contacting us for other Florida dates. And that happened soon after, and next thing I know we had three other dates secured.

Did you enjoy the experience?

Julian: Each one was great.

Being a garage band, have you actually every played or performed in a garage?

Julian: Yes, we actually recorded our album in a garage.

Simon: The album is available on Bandcamp and wherever you find us. We are also in the process of recording and releasing our first 7-inch record.

Have any sibling rivalries transpired in the band?

Simon: Just normal brotherly stuff; nothing over playing music or anything. However, our musical tastes do differ in a lot of ways. ... He’s (Julian) more into the modern sound, everything really — for lack of a better term — LOUD. I just try to keep a natural sound as possible. I want it to sound raw, but not too dirty and distorted. Raw and natural: like it would have sounded back 40 years ago. We record everything pretty much live to a two-track tape recorder and then we do necessary overdubs. We use all old equipment.  We try to make it as authentic as possible.

What can we expect from the Woolly Bushmen in the near future?

Simon: We are in the process of planning a tour in February, which will go up as far as North Carolina. Other than the Florida shows, that’s pretty much it. We just really play everything by ear and see what ever pops up next. But the tour, we’re working pretty hard at. We’re going to be playing with Dex Romweber. Also, we’ll be playing with Southern Culture on the Skids.

They really took you under their wing?

Miller: Yes, we really had a great time with them.

Julian: It’s really quite huge; all of it’s surprising.


The group will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday at Odin’s Den, 1335 Howell Branch Road, Winter Park.; and at Brokenmold’s 6th Annual Holiday Party at 8 p.m. Dec. 22 at Crowbar, 1812 N 17th St., Ybor City.

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