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The best local albums of 2009: Anonymous on the Basiqs and BC



(This week we’re asking local musicians to pick their favorite local albums of 2009. A few days ago, BC of Red Tide weighed in with his picks, including
Sincerely Anonymous by Anonymous, a.k.a. Chris Nunez. Here, Anonymous returns the favor, and also shows some love for the Basiqs.)

BC, Time Pieces
The type of record that makes an artist go from being a local act, to having serious “hometown hero” potential, Time Pieces by BC is not just a good EP from a Tampa-based-emcee; this is a good EP for hip-hop in its entirety as a culture and as a genre. Do not be fooled by the futuristic themes and robo-mechanic exterior; the emcee behind this music has his roots deep in the soil of hip-hop. Behind the spoon-bending lyricism, and sci-fi tinged beats, is an emcee performing his purest and most important role: that of a damned good storyteller.

The Basiqs, This Lie (The Jet Pack Chronicles)
This Lie by the Basiqs is a well-executed concept album, rife with radio-ready singles, which boasts good songwriting and impressive production. However, because of the reccurring synth work and featured singers, if you are expecting a full-fledged hip-hop album, you might be a little disappointed. Make no mistake, This Lie is a hip-hop flavored album that will likely fare incredibly well overseas, and if you are looking for a versatile record to dance to, you will not be let down by the catchy rhymes or the musical versatility (check out Run and Dreamers).

-- As told to Julie Garisto, tbt*

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