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The best local albums of 2009: Crash Mitchell on the Chicken Chasers




(This week we’re asking local musicians to pick their favorite local albums of 2009. Here, Crash Mitchell of the Crash Mitchell Five weighs in on the Chicken Chasers.)

The Chicken Chasers, Beggars Can’t Be Schmoozers
With gems like Beggars Can’t Be Schmoozers by the Chicken Chasers turning up around the Bay area, it is no wonder why I have not purchased anything but local CDs in the last decade or so. Tampa Bay has got it all, and Meyer Baron is as brilliant as he is eloquent. The instrumentation is as phenomenal as it is retro! I love the humorous swings at religion. This album screams Sinatra on jazz tobacco with a witty, yet sexual sense of humor! Even songs like Little Pink Dot make Baron seem more a cunning linguist than a perv. Livin In My Head is a personal favorite! Beggars Can’t Be Schmoozers is a top-notch gift under any tree (or menorah).

-- As told to Julie Garisto, tbt*

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