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Bonnaroo 2011: Meet some Tampa Bay fans making the trip to Tennessee


(All weekend, Soundcheck's Carole Liparoto will report live from the 2011 Bonnaroo Music Festival. But first, she caught up with some other Tampa Bay fans who are also heading to Tennessee.)

What will a Bay-area art student, cable service technician, guitar teacher and a linguist all have in common this weekend? They'll be soaking up sun and sounds 600 miles away at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Meet some of the fine folks from the Tampa Bay area making the journey to the 10th edition of this massive music and arts event.

Elisha Walls
Age: 24
City: Tampa
Occupation: Linguist
Must-see acts: Sound Tribe Sector, Bassnectar, Iron and Wine, Widespread Panic
Bonnaroo thoughts: This is my first year at Bonnaroo. Normally we go to Coachella, but we relocated to Florida this year, so we decided to give Bonnaroo a try. I love the ambiance a festival creates. You have 80,000 people in one place that you have something in common with -- and that's music. It's an amazing time to make new friends, unwind and relax with like-minded people. Not to mention, at every festival I have been to I always end up discovering more about myself, and I am sure Bonnaroo will be no different.

Gordon Pustina
City: Tampa
Occupation: Retail associate
Must-see acts: NOFX, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Mumford and Sons, Robert Plant and Band of Joy, The League, The 420 Comedy Blaze with Cheech Marin, Lewis Black, The Strokes, Donald Glover, STS9, String Cheese Incident
Bonnaroo thoughts: This will be my first time being at Bonnaroo. I am going because every summer for me is the same. I go out of town for a week or two to the same place. So, I wanted to shake things up this summer, listen to some good music, watch comedians, have a good time with friends and hope to meet new people.

Bodie Alsip
City: Tampa
Occupation: Guitar teacher at Ramblin' Rhodes Music in Trinity
Must-see acts: The reunited Buffalo Springfield, Eminem, Widespread Panic
Bonnaroo thoughts: This will be my family's fourth Bonnaroo in a row. Bonnaroo to us means going back home. When you go to Bonnaroo, it makes every other day of your life just another day waiting for the next Bonnaroo.

Kyle Aleksander Parker
City: Temple Terrace
Occupation: Full-Time Student
Must-see acts: Florence and the Machine, Girl Talk, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, Atmosphere, Matt and Kim, String Cheese Incident, Pretty Lights, Iron and Wine
Bonnaroo thoughts: I couldn't miss Eminem and Lil Wayne. I have been a follower of Eminem since 1996 and I just have such an attraction to his lyrical style. Same goes for Wayne. Seeing them both in the same weekend would be truly amazing. Plus I really need a chance to just let go with no concern about the opinion of people I will never see again. This kind of occasion just screams Kyle Parker.


Brian Hensley
City: New Port Richey
Occupation: Cable Service Technician
Must-see acts: My Morning Jacket, The Strokes, Decemberists, Girl Talk, Mumford and Sons, Eminem, Cold War Kids, Black Keys, Widespread Panic
Bonnaroo thoughts: I've put Bonnaroo off for one reason or another each year, until this time. We have a group of seven people taking three vehicles. This will be an awesome opportunity to see, and fall in love with bands we've never heard of before. Everyone in our group has different tastes in music and we all share a love for road trips and camping, so this is a win-win for us. Factor in live comedy, a giant waterslide and a community fountain and that equals awesome vacation!


Jaime Kile
: 23
City: Tampa
Occupation: Art student
Must-see acts: Atmosphere, Girl Talk, Ratatat, Florence and the Machine, Sleigh Bells
Bonnaroo thoughts: This will be my first year and most of my friends' second. I'm making the trek to Manchester to unite with friends from all over the country. We're all meeting up to have a great weekend and see amazing bands in one place. Yvonne Gougelet City: Tampa and New York City Bonnaroo thoughts: My little brother drives from Tampa and I drive from NYC. This is our five year anniversary going to Bonnaroo. Every year it's one amazing story after the other.


"Bonnaroo Chris"
City: Sarasota
A true Bonnaroo die-hard. Visit his Facebook page, "Bonnaroo Chris," and see for yourself.


-- Carole Liparoto, tbt*

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