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Did anyone else notice a Super Bowl commercial cameo by a Tampa Bay artist?



I'm sure I'm the only hyper-observant nerd who noticed this during Super Bowl XLIV, but I thought: Can I really call myself a World Wide Web logger if I don't share my pointless, convoluted take on an event witnessed by 700 trillion humans? Of course not.

During the Super Bowl, some hot new Internet company named "" decided to splurge and buy a Super Bowl ad. Click here to see it.

If you're familiar with Google, you know all about the search engine's autocomplete function, known as Google Suggest. You know, like when you search for "how to defrag a hard drive" and the search bar uses the first few letters of your search ("how to de...") to suggest phrases that you might be looking for, like "how to destroy your jeans" and "how to defrost breast milk." (If only there was a way to do all three at once!)

Anyway, the plot of this Google commercial had something do with a Google user moving to France and falling in love, like all Google users eventually do. At one point in the ad, the faceless Googler typed in "Who is Truffaut?"

And when the searcher typed in "who is tr..." the first suggestion Google came up with was, "who is travis clark."

You know, this Travis Clark. Lead singer of Bradenton's We the Kings. (His personal blog is, in case you didn't know.)

Now, I don't know if Trav is getting compensated for his millisecond of Super Bowl commercial fame with any of Google's filthy, ill-gotten cash. And I don't know if Trace Cyrus, Trey Lorenz or whoever Trey Songz is dating will get to wet their beaks, either. (Let's not even get into the money that might be owed to the estate of Francois Truffaut.)

But I like to think that somewhere in America, an unsuspecting Colts or Saints fan watched that ad during the game, subconsciously absorbed the words on the screen, and, without even wondering where the thought came from, asked themselves, "Hmmm ... who IS Travis Clark?" Then I like to think that person headed to Yahoo or Bing or or Encyclopedia Britannica or their local public library and searched for "Travis Clark," leading them ultimately to fall in love with Bradenton's most famous pop-punk band.

It could happen.

In conclusion, Soundcheck apologizes for wasting the past 90 seconds your life. I'll shut up now.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*.

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