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Forget subtle, Nickelback show explodes




When offered free tickets to Nickelback, you go, even if your newspaper predicted there would be a high douche count.

My friend Lindy snagged me for an unexpected girls' night out Sunday, and we worried we would stick out like soccer moms at the strip club. But it turns out the mass appeal of the massively successful Canadian rockers meant that a wide variety of fans filled the Ford Amphitheater (about 14,500 according to one estimate). Tramp stamps and Aquanet were in abundance, as were polo shirts and purple mohawks and NASCAR baseball caps.

We should start doing this as a regular thing, Lindy suggests, snarky soccer moms go to popular shows. Oh yeah, great idea. That would totally appeal to absolutely no demographic, but have another mojito, Lindy.

It was the last show of the tour, so the boys in the band and crowd were loose and in a good mood, shooting off massive fireworks to start the show, and many times throughout the show and again during its encore.  "White people love fire," Lindy observed. Indeed.

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