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George Clinton still has the funk



George C

Even after years and years of being a music legend, George Clinton still portrays an awesome energy that can't easily be matched.

Right when I entered Jannus Landing on Thursday, I immediately felt like I was part of the groove that goes on before seeing the P-Funk All-Stars.I learned quickly that any variation of funk was the word to use and, before long, I was answering every question asked to me with a smooth and low "funky."

From women with giant afros to men and women wearing spring-break styled light-up glasses, the crowd was eclectic but everyone was friendly. It also seemed as though every single person had their own personal connection to Clinton. From actually meeting him to seeing him 20 years ago, everyone had a personal story that they told about how Clinton had effected them.

After waiting around for nearly 90 minutes, the band finally started to go on stage. With the entire stage of Jannus crowded with performers of Parliament Funkadelic, Star Child came on in his signature diaper and blazer to get people pumped up for Clinton.

The music started to pump and throb as the Clinton made his way out and I knew instantly that he was worth waiting for. Starting out with Pump it Up, the band immediately went insane with the groove and audience soon followed.

From his guttural voice to the barking at women, Clinton has not lost any of his edge. And the P-Funk All-Stars' performance is so often emulated by other bands, but none can quite catch the true spirit of the music that they represent.

Honestly, there's only one way to describe seeing George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic.


--Story/photos by Leigh Armstrong, Times Staff Writer

After the jump, check out some photos of of the funkiness!

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