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How I became the Kim Deal in a Pixies cover band




(St. Pete Times writer Emily Nipps may be known to local music aficionados as the guitarist for Super Secret Best Friends . But she's also the bassist -- the Kim Deal, if you will -- for a Pixies tribute band called the Puxies, who will perform the band's landmark 1989 album Doolittle in its entirety at the Emerald in St. Pete. We asked Emily to ask how the show, and the band, came together. Here's what she wrote.)

Everyone has that one gateway album that sort of shifted their taste in music, changing their lives forever. As a friend of mine describes it, it's like that little voice that's always been in your head is suddenly coming through speakers.

For me, it was the Pixies' Doolittle. I was 12 and listening to Boyz II Men and Madonna at the time. Then one day, my older brother conned me into using my allowance money to buy him the Doolittle tape, which he copied for me. Oh my God, the weirdness. The cryptic lyrics. The erratic, yet somehow perfect, sound. My brother hated the album, but I loved it.

I didn't find out until years later that I wasn't the only one influenced by this album, which was the Pixies' second, but the first to make waves via college radio. Ever hear of Nirvana? Radiohead? Outkast? All credit the Pixies for impacting their sound, and a lot of rock alternative musicians today had the Doolittle tape at some point in their lives.

Allen Winkle (who also plays in the Kevin K Band) and Matt Simmons ( The Semis) began talking about this project almost a year ago. They wanted to play Doolittle in its entirety -- yes, including I Bleed, Hey, La La Love You and (gulp) Silver -- as a nod to the 20th anniversary of the album's 1989 release.

They invited me to play bass, presumably because I have hair like Kim Deal, and the three of us started playing around with the songs earlier this year. Tired of using the drum machine on Allen's keyboard, we asked the very talented Brett Sherman ( Paper Stanleys) to join us in April, completing the foursome.

Little did we know the REAL Pixies, who broke up in 1993, would be announcing their own Doolittle tour later this year. But that's okay. They're not coming anywhere near Florida, of course, so we're billing ourselves as the next best thing.

We did a test run in July, playing unannounced at The Emerald on a Monday night in front of about 10 people. It was a wild and roaring success. So we'll return on Oct. 2 (a First Friday!) and rock some faces for real. We've even got a few bonus tracks up our sleeves.

The Puxies starts around 10 p.m. with the Unitards and DJ Matchless at the Emerald, 550 Central Ave. Tickets are $3.

-- Emily Nipps, tbt*

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