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Jannus Live to host kickboxing; State Theatre welcomes 'Superstars of Midget Wrestling'


Time was, if you wanted to see a fight at Jannus Landing or the State Theatre, you had to attend an Insane Clown Posse concert or something.

That's all changed now. Concert venues are hosting more and more fight nights -- the Ritz Ybor held two "Rumble at the Ritz" nights in January and April. And now two venerable St. Petersburg music venues are going to host wildly different fights in the coming weeks.

"We told you the new Jannus Live was going to diversify its programming," Jannus Live said in announcing their inaugural Strykerz Rock Fight Series, which premieres June 18. We're looking at seven Muay Thai kickboxing matches, with smoke, lights and more. The setup sounds cool: Fighters will make their entrance on the concert stage, then walk down to a ring in the courtyard. Tickets are $20 for GA, plus $20 for "koi pond" VIP access or $25 for balcony access. Click here for the details.

But first, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, the State Theatre is hosting "Micro Championship Wrestling" with on May 29. Judging from the photo above, this appears to be exactly what it sounds like: an array of little-person wrestlers like Huggie Cub and Meatball duking it out in the ring. They're calling them the "Superstars of Midget Wrestling," and we'll just have to take their word on that. Tickets are $15.

We here at SoundcheckCorp. are a nonviolent people, although we are willing, when necessary, to battle the pink robots and/or fight for your right to party. But we imagine some of you must be groaning at the idea of kickboxing at Jannus or dwarf-tossing at the State.

Who's going to these fight nights? We'd love to hear your insights in the comments.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt* Photo via here.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 3:19pm]


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