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November Foxtrot Whiskey's guide to literature




We asked Aaron Lepley (above right) of Tampa garage-rockers November Foxtrot Whiskey to recommend a few good books to pass the time this summer. Here's what he had to say.

More often than not, we find ourselves in situations where we’d rather be somewhere else: waiting for an oil change, a mechanic to finish working on your car, waiting in line at the bank, or in a doctor’s office. I’ve found that reading in these situations makes time well wasted time well spent.

Here's a short list of books I‚Äôve found helpful to pass the time.


Night Shift by Stephen King: Stephen King was the author who first got me excited about reading. He fell to the wayside as I became interested in the Beats et al. I picked up him up again last October and haven‚Äôt put him down since.  The man can write. Period.

Love is a Dog From Hell, Charles Bukowski: This was the first book of his I read, and was also what perked my interests in poetry.  I would not be who I am today if it wasn‚Äôt for this book. Thanks Hank.
Pickup on Noon Street, Raymond Chandler: Chandler defines the private eye fiction genre. "Chandleresque" is an adjective used to describe the gritty L.A. underground of the '30s he depicts in his work. He is a master of the street language of his era. Every story has kept me on the edge of my seat.

On Love and Barley, Basho: I find reading and writing Haiku very relaxing. Basho is the best, hands down.

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