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Pasco County's Bellamy Brothers are apparently the hottest band in Switzerland

We can't decide whether this reads like an Onion article, a screen treatment for the next Christopher Guest movie or a complete and total hoax. Either way, we're 100 percent on board.

Pasco County's Bellamy Brothers, a country duo whose biggest crossover hit was 1976's Let Your Love Flow, are teaming up with Swiss rock sensasion Gola on a new album. Universal Music Switzerland paired the duo up for the disc, titled Duets, and the Bellamys will tour Europe to support it later this summer.

Lisa Buie broke the story here, and we must admit we're fascinated by every word of it, including this description of Gola's visit to the Bellamys' ranch in east Pasco County, from publicist Shane Wooten:

"Where Gola is from, the glacier lakes make for very cold swimming holes," Wooten said. "Therefore it was no surprise when Gola spent more than three hours straight in the ocean." He then dove into the powdery sand and covered himself from head to toe.

Gola also went on a shopping spree, buying jeans, shirts and, of course, cowboy boots and a hat, Wooten said.

Still don't believe us? Check out the album announcement on Gola's official website, which, after we ran it through Google Translate, says:

Because the Bellamy Brothers have always cultivated a special relationship with Switzerland and still regularly gave concerts with us, they were very happy about it when their record company submitted the idea to produce a greatest hits album with Gola. Also Gola immediately was hooked on this project, he has previously been some quality time spent with the music from this band. And another thing Gola connects with the Bellamy Brothers: You are considered a country band, but are controversial in the American country music scene and are considered as rebels, as they many elements (Pop, Rock, of Caribbean tunes ...)

Just try to refute THAT.

First Doin' the Mystery Monkey, then a video with Kevin Bacon and Shannen Doherty, now this. Are we in the middle of a Bellamy Brothers Renaissance? Is this the first time the phrase "Bellamy Brothers Renaissance" has ever been written? We're betting it is.

For the full scoop, check out Lisa Buie's story here.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 3:19pm]


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