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Q&A: Hall and Oates' John Oates, now 100 percent moustache-free

Admit it — you thought John Oates still had a moustache, didn’t you?

You probably had no idea he shaved it off in 1989 in an attempt to put his Hall and Oates image behind him, and has grown it back only sporadically since. That's Oates with Daryl Hall, above, at Wednesday's American Idol finale. Nice soul patch, dude.

“I realized that if I was going to go on with my life and evolve in some way as a person, I just had to leave that guy behind,” Oates told Billboard in 2009. “And so the shedding of the moustache is symbolic in a way and very important, too.”

So iconic was Oates’ bushy soup strainer that last summer, Funny or Die debuted an animated Web series titled J-Stache, portraying Oates as a family man and his moustache as a hard-talking, hard-living crimesolver.

But alas, Oates now knows the pain of moustachelessness. This guy can relate.

With Hall and Oates coming to Tampa Bay for a free postgame concert at Tropicana Field on Saturday night (click here for details), tb-two*'s Gytis Garsys connected with Oates for a chat about the record industry, adhering to trends and singing the national anthem before the 2008 World Series.

Sadly, they did not find time to chat about Oates' moustache. But the interview is still worth a read. Click here to do so.

And click here for our list and slideshow of the 10 most iconic moustaches in rock 'n' roll ... now that Oates has shaved his, of course.

Photo: AP

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