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Remembering the 2000s: Poetry 'N Lotion's Matt E. Lee on Junior Boys, Gil Mantera and bands to watch in 2010



Matt E. Lee has been a tireless supporter, musician and promoter of the Tampa Bay music scene.

Whether he’s playing in Poetry ’n Lotion, pitch-hitting for Brahm Bones or booking shows with his Brokenmold promotions company, Lee has come to be known by bands and venues as a consummate professional, offering humor, gracious charm and an enviable musical acumen. Here are some of his favorite moments of the past decade:

Best live music show of the decade/year: Junior Boys at Crowbar, Oct. 23.

Most surprising local act: Jim Morey Band. “Maybe I don’t get over to St. Pete enough, but I am damn glad to have gotten to know, play and work with Jim and his band this past year. They have really gave this town a good shot in the arm and a way to make jazz fresh, enjoyable and accessible in their showmanship, playing and well-crafted originals.” 

Oddly good or bad show/incident: “A few years ago when Gil Mantera’s Party Dream played here for their third time in Tampa, but first show at Crowbar, the guys were doing their normal tomfoolery, and Ultimate Donny was throwing his guitar all over, slamming beers, being an ass to his brother Gil. Donny actually broke his guitar and had to request a guitar from one of the opening bands. Now this would be a risky move, as U.D. is very capable of going Townsend and snapping your most prized ax just for giggles. Anyways, at the time Poetry 'n Lotion was an acoustic band and I gladly offered him my Takamine acoustic, to which he replied, 'Naw, Lotion, I ain’t playing no acoustic s---.' Well, after two minutes he gave me the nod to get my guitar and did an acoustic version of Elmo’s Wish. My guitar is still safe, and the night was a great success.”

Most interesting performer to emerge on the scene:The Sheaks. Their new lineup and new songs are really on some next level s--- and should be a band on your short list to keep a very close eye on in 2010.”

Example of why the local music scene needs more support: “There have been countless times we’ve seen a poor turnout and what would come to be one of the best shows of the year. I think we only had 20 people for Brooklyn’s Mobius Band, which was a ridiculous good time. It’s so easy to research a band to see if they are worth your time and money, so do your homework kids and you’ll thank us later.”

-- Julie Garisto, tbt*

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